Ruby - Ghost Theme Documentation


When you purchase a theme from IVEEL, you will have an access to the theme directly on your account page. Once you click the download link, a zip package including all the necessary files will be downloaded to your computer.

Note: This file is not an installable theme file. You need to extract the file and the installable theme file can be found in upload folder.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Design on your Ghost Admin (

  2. Click Upload a theme and select the installable theme file which you can find in upload folder.

  3. Click Activate Now to start using the theme.

Related Posts

If there is at least one post with the same tag as the current post, then the related posts will be displayed on the left side of the post content.

  1. To add tags to a post, navigate to Stories on your Ghost Admin.

  2. Select the post and click the settings icon on the top right corner.

  3. Add the tags in Tags field.

Disqus Comment

Ruby has a built-in support for Disqus as a commenting system. Follow only these steps to setup Disqus. You don't need to follow the installation tutorial of Disqus on their site.

  1. Create a new site on your Disqus dashboard.

  2. Get your Disqus shortname. Please note that your Disqus shortname will be different than below.

  3. Insert the Disqus shortname in partials/config.hbs file.

disqus_shortname: 'your_shortname',

Note: Remember to restart your Ghost when you made a change in hbs file.

Copyright Text

You can display some text on your blog's footer section. By default, Ruby displays Powered by Ghost. To can change the text, open partials/config.hbs file.

copyright: '© All rights reserved.',

You can also add some HTML markup.

copyright: '© All rights reserved. <a href="URL_HERE">More info</a>',

Note: Remember to restart your Ghost when you made a change in hbs file.

Social Links

Add your social links in partials/config.hbs file to display social links on your blog's footer section. All links must be full URL.

social_links: {
  facebook: '',
  twitter: '',
  instagram: '',
  dribbble: '',
  behance: '',
  github: '',
  linkedin: '',
  vk: '',
  rss: '',

Note: Remember to restart your Ghost when you made a change in hbs file.


Ruby offers some custom widgets which will be displayed on the sidebar section. The widget files are in partials/widgets directory. To change the order the widgets or add/remove widgets, open partials/widgets/widgets.hbs and make the changes.

Note: Remember to restart your Ghost when you made a change in hbs file.

Facebook Widget

Open partials/widgets/widget-facebook.hbs file to setup the widget. The only attribute required to be changed is data-href which is your Facebook page's full URL.

data-hrefThe URL of your Facebook page
data-small-headerMake the header smaller
data-hide-coverHide cover photo in the header
data-show-facepileShow profile photos when friends like the page
data-hide-ctaHide the custom call to action button (if available)
data-tabsTabs to render. Possible values are none, timeline, events and messages

Tags Widget

Open partials/widgets/widget-tags.hbs file to setup the widget. By default, this widget displays all the tags with post counts and doesn't require any additional setup. You can add some parameters to customize the default behavior.

To display specific tags:

filter="slug:[tag-1, tag-2, tag-3]"

For example:
{{#get "tags" limit="all" include="count.posts" filter="slug:[business,career]"}}

To order tags by post count:

order="count.posts asc"

For example:
{{#get "tags" limit="all" include="count.posts" order="count.posts asc"}}

Instagram Widget

  1. First of all, you need an Instagram access token display your Instagram posts. Click here to generate your Instagram access token.

  2. Open partials/config.hbs file and insert the generated access token in instagram_token field.

Recent Posts Widget

Open partials/widgets/widget-recent.hbs file to setup the widget. By default, the widget displays the most recent 3 posts. You can change this number in limit parameter.

For example:

{{#get "posts" limit="5" include="tags" as |recents|}}